Climbing Program

The ice climbing facility area (temporary set up) must be able to accommodate the following requirements:
– Registration and sign-in area
– Restricted access barriers
The ice climbing structure must meet the following technical requirements:
Requirements for Difficulty Competitions
– 12 meters high minimum
– 15 meter route length minimum
– Structure must be capable of having at least 2 routes running simultaneously
– Structure must be steep enough to accommodate M12 routes of competition style
– Profile of the structure must not be a simple 2-D structure, some element of 3-dimensionality must be incorporated
– Enough discrete bouldering sections for 6 problems to be climbed simultaneously
Requirements for Speed Competitions
– Height of the route to range from 12 to 25 meters
– Structure should be close to vertical
– Structure should be designed to accommodate 2 routes of identical length/lead/style
– Routes and belay points arranged so competitors fall away from each other