General Req

General Requirements
– The structure is to be constructed of recycled and/or side-cycled steel.
– Entrants are required to incorporate six decommissioned Bridger Bowl lift towers
3 of the steel towers are 32′ long, 18″ diameter, 3/8″ wall thickness
3 of the steel towers are 38′ long, 18″ diameter, 1/4″ wall thickness
– Entrants are encouraged to incorporate sustainable strategies and recycled materials.
– The tower is to have the ability to be used for rock climbing in the summer.
– The tower is to have stair access to the top.
– The steel structure must be capable of holding formations of ice that will support the design requirements for Difficulty and Speed Competitions.
– Easy transformation from ice climbing in winter to warm weather climbing to allow for year round use.
– Visually appealing and inviting from interstate I-90
– Generally north facing to minimize ice melting